Founded in 2021, ORJAN DESIGN LTD is a London-based graphic design company.
Our company was inspired in Altınoluk, a beautiful town in the Aegean, designed in İstanbul,
and launched in London. Orjan Design contains the essence of all three unique places…

At Orjan Design, we work with individuals, SMEs, and start-ups to help them build remarkable brands that resonate with their target audiences. We are motivated by hearing people’s stories and working with them to visualise their dreams. Our goal is to produce original and impactful designs.

Our Mission

“To provide superior graphic design services that
transform ideas into original designs
through comprehensive design processes.”


“We aim to consistently exceed stakeholder expectations through
creating unique and novel designs.”

Orjan Design offers comprehensive graphic design packages and corporate branding services for individuals, SMEs, and start-ups to provide superior graphics. Our services include extensive corporate identity packages, technical reports and project designs, visual designs for academic articles, mapping, and infographics. Our wide range of services utilises our combined years of digital design experience.

We also have a technical perspective; our designs are inspired by mathematical concepts, including the golden ratio, which we incorporate into our logo.

We are always ready to support voluntary organisations within the fields of education, health, environment, and social assistance, as we are all together. So if your organisation supports one of these causes, please do not hesitate to contact us.